It begins

My life as an intern brought with it changes. I am once again nervous and excited, just as I would be were it an entirely new job. I want to do my best and make a good impression. I also want to soak in all the learning I can, experience Irish culture, music and dance. Even hearing the Irish language (Gaelic). It sounds incredibly difficult, yet beautiful.

It’s an opportunity and experience that I intend to make count. Opportunities need to be given the attention they deserve. It may mean extra time and effort but it is a worthwhile investment.Like any new venture, I am unsure what the outcome will be but it is exciting to find out.

As a writer, I find Dublin inspiring. It is a literary city with many nooks and crannies to explore. History blends with modern and vibrant cities surrounded by quaint villages and scenic landscapes. Many well-known writers hail from this beautiful country and have left their mark through their books and other written works.

There are even literary themed pub crawls that take visitors to pubs frequented by literary greats such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and Seamus Heaney to name a few. Ireland is a place to find inspiration – mesmerising views, historic locations and folklore can have that effect. I am inspired to write simply by being here for a few days. My Irish adventure will be one to remember!



Ireland Adventure

Who could visit the beautiful country of Ireland and not be taken in by her landscapes, legends and abundant history?

My love for Ireland and all things Irish began a long time before I finally stepped foot on her fertile soil. It was the photographs of lush green landscapes that seemed like they had jumped straight out of the pages of a fairy tale that began this love affair. Then it was the discovery of Ireland’s music and dance. When I saw Ireland for the first time in 2014, that love was cemented permanently.

The landscape was even better than the photographs; greener than you can imagine and filled with historic castles and legends. The Irish people I met were friendly and welcoming with that delightfully alluring Irish accent.

My in depth exploration of Ireland in 2017 has led me to discover more, see more and have much to share of my observations. My Irish adventure is enlightening, poignant and a life changing experience. Follow the adventure and discover Ireland!