Dublin is a melting pot of cultures. It may simply be tourists I hear speaking a variety of languages but many appear to live and work in the capital.

I’ve heard Italian, Spanish, Arabic, even Greek. I was surprised at that last one too! Dublin’s mix of cultures aside, it is a hub for shopping, food, drink and tourism. There are a variety of attractions – natural, cultural, historical and architectural.

With just 2 days in Dublin under my belt, I love the city. I love the accents I hear, the music, the quaint pubs and restaurants and the ease of getting around this very walkable city.

The food is delicious – warm, comforting food which complements the cold weather. I am yet to find the perfect coffee however. There is still plenty of time to find the perfect brew!

The atmosphere draws me in. It is a bustling city, but it’s also laid back and distinctly Irish. Walking down the charming cobbled streets of the Temple Bar, there are colourful shops and restaurants and live music in many venues.The liveliness of the area creates a very enjoyable visit. Yet not far from here, you can find yourself surrounded by nature at St Stephen’s Green, Phoenix Park and picturesque squares. It is a city that needs to be explored in depth; a cursory glance is not enough to discover all of Dublin’s charms.



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